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Litigation & Arbitration

Our firm’s arbitration team has demonstrated unparalleled proficiency in resolving complex arbitration disputes on an international scale. Notably, we have effectively orchestrated the resolution of a high-stakes arbitration involving an international Spanish consulting, engineering, and architecture firm, culminating in a favorable outcome in a dispute valued in the millions of US dollars.

Our prowess extends to significant achievements by our Chairman, Dr. Meshal Al Akeel, who has provided indispensable expertise as a Saudi law expert witness in a landmark arbitration at the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). This particular case, involving key financial institutions from the Middle East, involved stakes running into hundreds of millions of US dollars. Further illustrating our expertise, Dr. Al Akeel also acted as a Saudi law expert / co-counsel on a substantial arbitration on behalf of a Spanish-based general contractor specializing in the engineering, procurement, and construction of industrial and power generation plants. This dispute, adjudicated under the International Chamber of Commerce rules in London, involved a significant sum of hundreds of millions of Saudi Riyals.

Our firm’s track record underscores our commitment to securing advantageous outcomes for our clients in arbitration disputes of substantial financial and strategic importance.